NEO Program Output Monitoring Form

Date: Friday, 09 May 2014 08:11
Municipality / City: ALTAVAS
Province: AKLAN
Region: Region 6
Reporting Period: 1st Quarter, 2015

1. Mode of NEO Orientation Attended:  

Mode of NEO Orientation attended:   Training Provider:  
Others:   Date of Orientation:  
NEO Webinar Modules Completed:      
Module 01:  Yes Module 09:
Module 02:   Module 10:
Module 03:   Module 11:
Module 04:   Module 12:
Module 05:   Module 13:
Module 06:   Module 14:
Module 07:   Module 15:
Module 08:      

2. Have you formulated your Social Contract? 

   Date formulated:  

3. Do you have a First 100 days Agenda? 

   Date Formulated  

3.1 Which of these steps have you accomplished in your First 100 Days Agenda Implementation?  

Form a Transition Team:     Commence interface with the local council:  

Organize and staff the office first and the offices of the City Administrator and Legal Officer: 

   Strengthen linkage with the barangays:  
Make an initial analysis of the city government's staffing pattern:     Re-organize the Local Special Bodies:  
Determine the fiscal status of your LGU:   

 Review progress of the 2013 Annual Investment Program Implementation:

Determine the status of the Budget Call:   Implement doable commitments:  
Identify source of support and resistance:    Finalize preparation of the Executive Budget for 2014:  
Call for cooperation within the local bureaucracy:    Document, disseminate and celebrate small wins:  

4. Does the LGU have an Executive-Legislative Agenda?

Completed and with budget ordinance:    Ordinance No.:  
     Date of Adoption:  
Completed but with no ordinance yet:    
Ongoing formulation:    
Not yet started:    
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